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  • Brand Name – Roitix
  • High-Quality Material – Made with a high-quality stainless steel interior and plastic exterior, the Roitix Coffee and Tea Mug can last for a long time without breaking. Moreover, it sports a smooth matt finish even after several washes.
  • Convenient Use – As the Roitix coffee mug is microwave-, oven-, freezer-, refrigerator-, and dishwasher-safe, this mug can be conveniently used with any hot or cold beverage.
  • Comes with a Silicone Lid – Roitix mug is available with a silicone lid so that you can cover your hot beverages and consume them whenever you want.
  • Adequate Capacity – Thanks to its capacity of up to 300 ml, this mug can hold enough coffee for one person.
  • Safe to Use – Since it is non-toxic, BPA-free, and eco-friendly, this mug is safe to use.
  • Cover the lid with a Silicon seal which will keep your beverage hot for a longer time. Spill-proof
  • Ideal Gifting Option – Roitix coffee mug makes for a suitable gifting option for anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Friendship Day, wedding functions, parties, engagement ceremonies, and more.
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Introducing our Tea Coffee Milk Mug with Lid, a versatile and convenient solution for enjoying your favorite hot beverages. This insulated steel mug is designed to keep your tea, coffee, or milk at the perfect temperature for longer periods, ensuring a delightful drinking experience.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this mug offers excellent insulation properties to keep your drinks hot or cold. The insulated design helps retain the temperature of your beverage, allowing you to enjoy it at your own pace. Whether you prefer a steaming cup of tea, a rich and aromatic coffee, or a comforting glass of milk, this mug will keep it just the way you like it.

The included lid adds an extra layer of functionality to this mug. It helps to prevent spills and keep your drink secure while you’re on the move or simply want to keep it covered. The lid also helps retain the heat, ensuring that your beverage stays hot for longer.

With a capacity of 250ml, this mug is perfect for a single serving of your preferred drink. The compact size makes it ideal for home, office, or even outdoor use. Whether you’re enjoying a peaceful morning at home or need a pick-me-up during a busy day at work, this mug is a reliable companion.

The red color adds a vibrant and stylish touch to your beverage experience. Its eye-catching design makes it a perfect gift for family, friends, or colleagues who appreciate a quality mug for their daily tea, coffee, or milk ritual.

In summary, our Tea Coffee Milk Mug with Lid combines functionality, durability, and style. Experience the pleasure of sipping your favorite hot beverages at the perfect temperature with this insulated steel mug. Enjoy your tea, coffee, or milk wherever you go, whether it’s at home, work, or on the move. Order now and elevate your drinking experience with this convenient and stylish mug.

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Dimensions 10 × 8 cm


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