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Set of 2 Large blanket storage bags for Wardrobe Clothes Storage Organizers with transparent window and dimension of 65*47*33 cm
Name : Set of 2 Large blanket storage bags for Wardrobe Clothes Storage Organizers with transparent window and dimension of 65*47*33 cm

Material : Cloth

Type : Blanket Cover

Lid Type : Without Lid

Color : Gray

No. of Compartments : 1

Product Length : 65 cm

Product Height : 33 cm

Product Breadth : 47 cm

Net Quantity (N) : 2

blanket storage bag suitable for storing clothes, blankets, sweater, quilts, coats and other. Easy to organize all your stuff and take out your clothes from mildew, dust, moisture, insects, anti-discoloration as they are well stored. Material – non woven fabric, color – grey, dimensions – 65 * 47 * 33 cm.| underbed storage bag. Brand : “Perfectkrafts” – latest, trendy, designer and stylish with choice of colours, just type and search “perfectKrafts” in search bar and don’t miss ‘the must buy products’.

Country of Origin : India

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Introducing our Clothing Storage Box, the ultimate solution for organizing and de-cluttering your wardrobe! This versatile storage box is designed to keep your clothing items neatly arranged, making it a must-have for anyone seeking a well-organized and efficient closet of your choice.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Clothing Storage Box is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity of belongings. Its sturdy construction can withstand the weight of various clothing items, from shirts and sweaters to pants and accessories. Say goodbye to messy piles and hello to a tidy and organized closet of yours.

With its generous dimensions, this storage box offers ample space to accommodate a significant number of clothing items be organised. The spacious interior allows you to neatly fold and store your garments, maximizing your closet space and making it easier to locate specific items when needed and required. Its stackable design provides even more convenience, allowing you to create a customized storage system that suits your needs and choice.

The Clothing Storage Box features a clear, transparent window on the front, allowing you to easily identify the contents without the need to open each box and drawer. This saves you time and effort, especially when searching for specific clothing items and accesories. The sturdy handles on the sides provide a comfortable grip, making it effortless to slide the box out from under the bed or transport and move it when needed.

Not limited to just clothing storage, this versatile box can also be used to organize other household items, such as blankets, towels, toys, or seasonal decorations and place. Its multi-purpose design ensures that you can maximize its functionality and structure throughout your home.

With its search engine optimized design, finding our Clothing Storage Box online is a breeze. Experience the convenience and efficiency of a well-organized wardrobe by investing in this practical and stylish storage solution one can have.

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a well-organized closet with our Clothing Storage Box and bags. Start enjoying the benefits of a tidy and efficient space today only.

Additional information

Weight 119 g
Dimensions 65 × 47 × 33 cm


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